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Social Distancing Sneeze Guards

Adding protection to your desktops is just as important as utilising a freestanding office screen. With the help of desktop screens, it’s possible to section workspaces and desk space to create secure, personal working zones.

The Sneeze Screen has been designed to protect you and your colleagues when returning back to work. With extended heights of 1000mm, you can effectively create a barrier around your personal space.

As with many social distancing screens, clear or frosted acrylic has been used with the easy clean benefits. Being able to clean your office screens at a time like this is more important than ever. You’ll be able to keep your area sanitised with the use of anti-bacterial wipes and cleaning sprays.

The fixings have also been adapted for this new screen, enabling you to add maximum stability. Each screen comes supplied with all the required attachments, so drilling through the desktop has been made easy.

Our Sneeze Screen uses a unique design with a framed acrylic aesthetic & a pole and panel system. The pole and panel system allows you to create a configuration suitable for the space you have. In addition, you can add to your Sneeze Screen in the future, making them the perfect investment.

Acrylic finishes have taken the world by storm and can be seen throughout office, restaurants, and supermarkets. The wipe clean, transparent material is ideal as a safety barrier and to reduce the spread of germs. The Desktop Sneeze Screens have a choice of frosted or clear acrylic, all dependant on if you wish for openness or privacy.

The Sneeze screen can be used in any environment where shielding is needed. In the office, on a reception desk and on a trade counter. The slimline design isn’t invasive but provides the protect we currently need along with a modern style.

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