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Clean beauty: the products from this brand will give your skincare routine an instant upgrade

Are you a big fan of clean beauty? Then you should definitely get to know the brand LALO®! The cheerful-sounding skincare brand develops clean, premium, cruelty-free and vegan skin care based on cannibidiol (CBD), the powerful antioxidant from the hemp plant. This brand strongly beliefs that there is a whole list of ingredients one’d better avoid. But lately, It can be quit difficult to choose safe cosmetics and personal care that won’t do any harm to the skin. More and more skincare products got a very long list with ingredients you can hardly announce. It contains chemicals you would rather not put on your skin. That is exactly why you should choose clean beauty.

What does clean beauty means?

When we talk about clean beauty, we talk about non-toxic products with nature-derived ingredients. The ingredients in these skincare products are proven to be beneficial and safe for your skin developed by honest manufacturers that value minimizing their environmental impact. It refers to both natural and synthetic ingredients, either plant-based or lab-made beauty formulas. At LALO® they have beauty products in their assortment that are developed according clean beauty. It means that all ingredients, including non-toxic synthetics, are shown to be safe to use. They not only focus on clean beauty, but they also have CBD skincare products that will leave your skin with a radiant glow! The buzz-worthy ingredients CBD is rising in popularity, and for good reasons! Researches have shown that the effects can be amazing. Cannabinoids are hailed to help heal redness and overly sensitive or inflamed skin conditions such as eczema, flaking, dry skin or acne.

Discover their wide range of products

Are you interested in buying CBD skincare products or would you like to give clean beauty a try? Go to their web shop and take a look around. They have several products in their assortment that will give your skincare routine an instant upgrade! Easily place your order online.