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X-Ray Glass vs. Acrilyc for Radiation Shielding Solution

To compare scratch resistance, acrylic is less resistant to scratches, but the scratches may be erased if it is polished correctly. Unlike other types of glass, lead glass is very robust and scratch-resistant.

Flame and chemical resistance is another issue to consider when assessing durability. Toxic vapors may be released if lead acrylic is exposed to flames, although lead glass does not burn when exposed. Lead glass, particularly laminated safety glass, is more chemically resistant than lead acrylic.

Lead glass and lead acrylic are good options for shielding against ionizing radiation. Glass or acrylic that is of high quality provides great transparent shielding. It may be utilized in barriers, windows, doors, and medicinal isotope vials.

Visit the Nuclear Shields website to learn more about lead glass or acrylic, or call us at Nuclear Shields, and we’ll help you find the best radiation shielding option for your needs.

Designs Made to Your Specifications

Standard off-the-shelf products often don’t perform as expected in a laboratory environment. All of the components listed above may be tailored to fulfill specific design requirements, such as shielding and compactness.

When it comes to developing unique shielding for our clients, we’ve worked with a wide range of individuals and organizations. To find out more about Nuclear Shields’ radiation shielding options, you can visit the Nuclear Shields website or call us. We’ll help you figure out which radiation shielding option is best for your needs.

Solutions That Work

Standard and custom-built hot cells for nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceutical laboratories are available from us. The packaging and assembly that go into radiation protection equipment are also part of our radiopharmaceutical service offering.

We match your needs with complete solutions that guarantee safety, quality, and trustworthiness. All Nuclear Shields products have these features, but they can also be seen as a set of requirements that we feel should drive our interaction with you as a client. Despite the fact that these attributes aren’t always visible, they’re nevertheless crucial. In the nuclear industry, Nuclear Shields has a greater grasp of this than anybody else.

Our professional and cooperative approach is designed to meet these objectives. No matter where your project is in the development and manufacturing process, you can count on Nuclear Shields to be your dependable partner.

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