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8 Do’s & Don’ts For Successful Marketing

It’s safe to say that we all have a different approach when it comes to marketing. Whether this be the company marketing strategy or your creative flare, no one will be the same, and it gives you the chance to create something new and eye catching for your online platforms.

Your specialty could be Instagram posts, online videos or stories – which ever works for you, run with it and utilise what you have to its full potential.

We have 8 do’s and don’ts for marketing to keep in mind as you start your monthly campaigns.

DO be yourself

In any aspect of your marketing it’s important to be yourself and let your personality shine through. When creating content, you might have guidelines but do it in a way that allows you to do this without having to write a different way or turn your creative path in another direction.

DON’T be the same

A trend is a trend and we say follow the trend and be relevant but it’s possible to do this in a completely different way. Don’t follow suit, present your followers and customers with a unique take on the trend and show how as a business you are versatile and up to speed with the current online attractions.

DO be bold

Who says playing it safe was the only way?

It’s proven that taking some marketing risks can really pay off. It doesn’t have to be farfetched or extremely risky but showing a bold side of the business can impress customers and show a different side to you. Test the waters by slowly moving the content towards a new style and see how people react.

DON’T waste your posts

By this we mean, don’t post for the sake of it. If you have nothing to say, nothing new to show or have no real reason to create a post, then don’t. You want your content to be right and you need to present a worth while post to grab engagement and boost your stats.

DO move with the seasons

What’s more exciting than being able to celebrate an occasion, such as Easter, Autumn or Christmas? Tailor your posts to match the season, as it gives you the opportunity to use different colours, themes and wording to really get on board with the seasonal and festive changes.

DON’T forget to plan

A plan can make your marketing strategy for the month go viral. Making a plan, pre planning posts, creating drafts of the content could really save your bacon here. It’s important that you have a clear goal and direction for the month and allows you to keep everything on track with posts related to your chosen topic.

DO promote your new products

If you have new products, not only do you want to show off and tell people about the new products., you have the platforms and tools available to you to make it exciting. You can do this by creating a countdown to a product launch and show sneak peeks of what might be coming, working wonders for online engagement too!

DON’T leave out the links

On a new product or a featured item remember to add the link to the relevant website page so it’s easy to click and shop. By adding the link, you have created a clear path, making the shopping experience fast, efficient and allows you to monitor clicks to see what works and what item/post was most popular.