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Do you also like to see your pigmentation spots disappear?

People with pigmentation spots are often thought to be older than they really are. Research has shown that people can even look 12 years older because of pigment spots or an uneven skin tone. This is why many people would like to see their pigmentation spots disappear.

How do pigmentation spots occur and how can they be removed?

Certain triggers, mostly sun exposure, cause an irregular production of melanin. Melanin is the reddish or brown pigment in the skin. The irregular production of melanin causes color accumulation on the surface of the skin. In addition to sun exposure, other factors for causing pigmentation spots include hormonal factors (pregnancy and birth control pills) and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (browning after inflammation from wounds or scars).

Pigment spots are therefore also found on parts of the body that are most exposed to the sun, such as the hands, arms, décolleté and face. It is therefore important to always apply a good spf sun protection.

Fortunately, pigmentation spots can also be treated with the IPL skin laser. There are several treatments possible, which treatment is suitable for you depends on the color of the pigmentation and your skin type.

In the clinics in The Hague and Oegstgeest Van Lennep Kliniek you can safely and professionally have your pigmentation spots lasered away. For best results, an average of 3 to 5 laser treatments are required. Between each treatment there should be a period of 4 weeks.

The new, highly effective, HydraFacial treatment

You can also go to Van Lennep Kliniek for a HydraFacial treatment. Light pigmentation spots, wrinkles and fine lines, acne, sagging skin, sallow complexion, discoloration and coarse pores can all be effectively treated with HydraFacial.

With a HydraFacial treatment, the skin is cleansed, hydrated and protected in 3 steps. HydraFacial is a new method that truly amazes. The treatment is painless and does not cause irritation or peeling. The treatment is suitable for women and men.

Van Lennep Kliniek has branches in The Hague, Wassenaar and Oegstgeest. You are always free to walk in for information, advice or to make an appointment. You can also schedule an appointment by calling 070-7370088 or via the website www. vanlennepkliniek.nl.