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Product description: Stretch rewinder – fully automatic machine for the production of pre-stretched

It is possible to use as a conventional Stretch Rewinder, Stretch Reeler and Stretch Film Winder (rewinds conventional Stretch films).

The Stretch Rewinders BETA are designed to produce stretch oriented flat film from coextruded or mono-layers materials such as PVC/PET, PVC/PP, PE/AL, PET/PE, PP/PE with different basis weight up to 300 gsm. The Stretch Rewinders can be equipped with bars having two take off points – in this case an increase in speed up to 30% is achieved.

Advantages compared with competitors’ models:

1.Stretch rewinding of the films from a mono-layers or coextruded materials. Stretch Rewinders BETA can be equipped with bars having two take off points – such machines achieve higher speed than classical Stretch Rewinders (up to 30%)

2. Stretch Rewinder machine allows using pre-stretched film as a Stretch Reeler and Stretch Film Winder. As Stretch Rewinder it is possible to wind up both pre stretch rewinder and conventional Stretch films

3. Perfect winding quality thanks to design, which enables constant stretching of the film during transport inside the machine and perfect unwind conditions due to hydrodynamic bearing

4. Little tension changes during winding process due to:

a) work on hydrodynamic bearings

b) Stretch Rewinder machine may be equipped with laser sensors for measurement of the film tension

5. Stretch Rewinders are environment friendly and easy to operate Stretch Rewinder machines (more than 200 machines installed so far)



Applicable materials: Stretch Rewinders BETA can wind up coextruded or mono layers Stretch films from PVC/PET, PVC/PP, PE/AL, PET/PE, PP/PE. Materials should have a basis weight less than 300 gsm

Operating mode & method: Stretch rewinding is carried out by means of two-way traverse movement of the sheet through the rollers. A pre stretched material layer wound on multi layer winding core is unwound as per instructions given by computer program instep with the movement of Stretch Rewinder machine. Stretch rewinding onto multi layer winding core is accomplished by means of traversing Stretch Rewinder machine from one side to the other side according to computer program and project specification data

Max width of sheet: 2000 mm, min – 500 mm when using conventional Stretch Film Winder. 1000 mm, min – 400 mm when Stretch Reeler

Min diameter rollable material: 15 cm for Stretch Rewinders BETA is equipped with 2 take-off points (for film up to 1200mm wide) 22 cm for Stretch Rewinders BETA with 1 take off point (for film over 1200mm wide)

Power supply: 3 phase 50 Hz

Production capacity: 18000 m/h Machine dimensions: Stretch Rewinders BETA are equipped with bar having two take off points – Stretch Rewinder machine with 2 bars length over 3000 mm is able to reach speed of 18000 m/h. Stretch Rewinder machine can be equipped with bar up to 6000 mm in length.