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Where In The World Is Zinc Mined?

Zinc mining is a huge industry, and the world’s largest three zinc mines are situated in several countries. As per the analysis, extracted zinc productivity will continue to rise in the future as higher prices enable operators to reactivate idled capacity and bring important new mines up. As per the Geological Survey, China was by far the leading producer in 2017. According to the latest statistics from the US Geological Survey, here’s a quick rundown of the world’s top zinc producers by the nation in 2017.

International context

With 4.3 million tonnes of zinc produced, China accounted for 33.7 percent of total production. Canada and Russia tied for eighth place, generating 300,000 tonnes of zinc, or 2.4 percent of total production.

The World’s Most Important Zinc-Mining Locations

1. Rampura Agucha mine, India

In Rajasthan, India, the Rampura Agucha mine is the world’s biggest zinc mine. The mine currently has 46 million tonnes of proven and probable reserves.

2. Red Dog mine, US

Red Dog is a zinc-lead mine nearby Kotzebue, Alaska, that has been established under a one-of-a-kind deal among both Teck Resources’ US subsidiary and NANA. On February 18, Teck Resources Ltd. announced that the Red Dog Mine will output 490,700 metric tonnes of zinc in 2020.

3. Ghazaouet Mine

Tlemcen, Algeria is home to the Ghazaouet Mine. It is owned by Entreprise Nationale de Metallurgie & de Transformation des Metaux non Ferreux, Spa. Algeria’s mining production increased by 527 percent in 2016 relative to 2015, thanks to the scaling up of production at the Ghazaouet Mine.

4. Mount Isa Zinc Mine

The Mount Isa Zinc Mine is a land and deep mine in Queensland, Australia, owned by Glencore Plc. When mining began in 1931, the site was processed to a level never seen before in Australia.

5. McArthur River Mine (Zinc)

The McArthur River Zinc Mine is a ground mine in Australia’s Northern Territory. Glencore Plc owns the greenfield mine that will be operational until 2038.

6. Antamina Mine

The Antamina Mine is an exterior mine in the Peruvian town of Ancash. Glencore Plc owns the brownfield mine, which is set to run until 2028.

World Reserves

There are numerous additional zinc-mining regions all around the world that play a critical role in the extraction of zinc. As per the Geological Survey, the global productions of zinc reserves were expected to be 250 million tonnes in 2019. Australia, China, Russia, and Mexico are one of the countries having the world’s greatest zinc reserves. In 2019, global refined zinc metal manufacturing, which comprises zinc from both mined and regenerated sources, reached about 13.2 million tonnes.