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The discussion of teens vaping

The discussion of teens vaping

When you look up tips on how to quit smoking cigarettes, electric smoking is one tip that is recommended a lot. The first generation of the e-cigarette was completely out of the ordinary, it was called a cig-a-like. As the name suggests, the cig-a-likes resembled the normal cigarette in every way, except instead of lighting it to burn tobacco, it vaporizes the liquid within it that contains nicotine. As the years go by, the e-cigarette went through upgrades and has gotten a bigger audience. That audience includes teenagers, much to the dismay of parents. There are lots of concerns to discuss about teens vaping, but here are the ones we think are most important.

E-cigarettes carry nicotine

If a teenager wanted to use an e-cigarette it is highly unlikely that they would get the expensive kind. It’s far more likely for them to get a cheaper one. These cheaper e-cigarettes mostly come with juices that have nicotine in them, and most of the time it’s a high amount. Though, even if the amount of nicotine in the e-cigarette liquid is low, it’s still in there. The problem here lies that most of the teenagers that take on vaping, have never smoked a regular cigarette before, so they have never had nicotine, in any amount, in their system. So, the more they vape, the more likely they’ll become addicted to nicotine.

Regular cigarettes

After becoming addicted to nicotine from vaping more often, it will be really hard to stop vaping. Once they are addicted, another problem comes forward. Studies have shown that teenagers who vape are more likely than not to pick up using regular cigarettes, compared to the teens who don’t vape. This is a big concern for many, as vaping is used as a nicotine alternative tool to help people quit smoking, and for teenagers who have never used cigarettes before, it did the opposite. And smoking regular cigarettes poses an even greater risk than using e-cigarettes.


The mental stability of teens

The mental stability of the teen that is addicted to nicotine will be affected completely. Their personality will be different, and the way they think, speak and act too. It will all be because of their addiction, not to mention that they are still going through puberty. The brain of a teenager is still developing, and nicotine will harm that development. It will cause a loss of control of their moods, their attention span, depression, and more. It will be even worse if the teen attempts to stop using nicotine because with the mental instability paired with the way a teenager’s brain works, the nicotine withdrawal is going to be incredibly difficult to get through.