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How does a restless feeling arise in your body?

The restless feeling in your body that you experience comes from stress. Research by Achmea shows that 9 out of 10 people experience stress on a daily basis. The degree to which people experience stress differs from person to person.

Nick de Waard is an expert on mental health problems. If you feel restless please check out this article and check for help. Hit the translation button, because it is in Dutch. 

We experience a continuous restless feeling in our body because we are used to always being ‘on’ and continuing. We want a lot in this life and preferably yesterday. We don’t really know what relaxation is anymore, because we have trouble getting into deep relaxation. We may meditate now and then (for a moment), but we still notice that we remain restless. This is because we go too hard and want to do too much without real, long relaxation in return.

The restless feeling in our body that we experience is not something that comes out of the blue. It is often an accumulation of stress. That stress has been there for a while, only we are not aware of it. We only feel this stress when we start to feel stress symptoms.

If you are currently experiencing stress symptoms, please take this very seriously.

“It will blow over” is a statement I often hear, but in 99% of the cases this is not what happens. Feel free to contact me, because sometimes guidance can ensure that you can relax again.