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Managing a football game

This competence concerns the extent to which the referee is able to make his decision. Selling through his communication and knows how to prevent resistance through his communication (de-escalate).

It is important that the referee always communicates clearly. Players know, trainers and audience what is going on and why the referee whistles. In addition, we expect of referees that they communicate correctly with players, trainers and others. By speaking correctly to players and trainers before, during and after the game, the following is created less resistance.

Managing the game
This competence is about the degree to which the referee is able to accept his decisions by modifying his arbitration and his appearance.
Keywords are: managing competition, making the right choices and finding solutions.
– Does the referee’s approach to the match keep him in control?
– Does the referee recognize changes in the match image, does he react proactively and how does he get
back in control if necessary?
– Does the referee react correctly to the behaviour of players, team officials and assistant referees?
– Is the referee accepted and respected by the players?
– Is his performance convincing and decisive?
– Does he not allow himself to be influenced?

We expect referees to be able to read the match and be able to interact with their personality to gain acceptance for his decisions. That is what every referee does in his own way, we want to keep it that way. Ultimately, it is about the effect of the referee on the
behavior of the players. Do they accept his leadership and create a match that is sporty and is fair.

To have a good authority and to get players to respect you, it is important to make the right decisions. This becomes a lot easier with a soccer referee radio headset, which allows you to interact with your assistants crystal clear, to make decisions without any confusion.