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Madden NFL 21 – Quarterback Updates

Madden NFL 21 is just around the corner. It pays off to learn as much about the game before it releases. This way, you will be able to adjust to the changes and improve your skills faster. Madden NFL 21 tackles several game mechanics. This is about the quarterback and pass upgrades. The point of these changes is to give players more ways to bring better balance into their offensive play. The changes are about what happens when the ball is thrown.

The quarterbacks can throw the ball while they are tackled. Physics will come into play when determining how accurate and powerful the pass is. The accuracy will suffer if the quarterback’s shoulder or arm is stricken while he makes the pass. You will notice some animations that were not in Madden NFL 20. These are called under pressure. When the quarterbacks are in a pressured position they can make the motion faster. This happens to pass longer than 40 yards. This pass is influenced by the throw under pressure attribute. Quarterbacks will be able to achieve branch out ball throws. When this happens, the quarterback throws the ball to the receiver. Players will have more options for this move.

It’s important to note that quick throw inaccurate is now off. The accuracy of under pressure and cross body was made better. The penalties will be more reliant on the situation. The change aims to create a more balanced system for these penalties. Madden NFL 21 has a new penalty for max distance power. This will occur that if the receiver is targeted is deeper than the maximum passing range of the quarterback. This characteristic depends on the throw power attribute. Deep passes that are done on the run will be less powerful because of this new penalty.

Players will be able to deeper comprehend what happens with each kind of throw thanks to the improvement of the passing feedback info. The animations for hand-offs have been revised. All the hand-offs will have the same velocity in all directions. The illegal contact is a new type of penalty. The pass interference that is controlled by the user has better management. This penalty will restrict the user from blocking receivers on purpose from going to their paths and catching spot. The penalties will be present in competitive and simulation matches. They are targeting defenders that are controlled by the players. The penalties menu has options for Franchise mode.

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