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What Is an Air Conditioner?

Ductless Air Conditioners | Ductless AC | Toronto Ductless Services. Air conditioning (sometimes called air conditioner, A/C, air con, or AC) is a mechanical process of eliminating moisture and excess heat from a room to increase the temperature of occupants inside. Air conditioners are used for many purposes, including heating homes in the winter and cooling in offices and businesses in the summer. In some cases, AC units are also utilized in industrial applications such as refrigeration plants.

Types of Air conditioner units

Air conditioner units are generally divided into three types: the portable, permanent and hybrid models.

Portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioners can be moved from one location to another easily and in most cases they are portable as well. The major advantage with portable AC units is that they are very handy in offices and other places that have limited floor space or where there are multiple rooms in one building. Portable air conditioners do not require large cooling systems, and as a result, they are suitable for small areas where it is not feasible to install a permanent system.

Permanent air conditioners

Permanent air conditioning systems are built on large cooling systems, and they need to be installed in the same place where they will be used. Permanent AC units can be customized according to requirements and the budget of the client. In contrast, portable air conditioning units are smaller and therefore do not require huge cooling systems; therefore, they can be installed in any place.

Hybrid air conditioning systems 

Hybrid air conditioning systems are similar to the other two types of systems, but they are capable of producing both hot and cold air in the same room at the same time. Hybrid air conditioning systems produce air that is balanced. This is achieved by using a combination of forced and circulating air and a humidifier. These units are commonly used to cool offices and other places where there is a possibility that the room might get too cold, for example, in the case of schools or hospitals.

The third type of air conditioning unit is the permanent hybrid air conditioning system. This type is very efficient and produces more energy than other types. These units require a constant supply of fresh air and a constant flow of coolant. These units are commonly used in large spaces that need to be cooled or heated.

Air conditioning units are now available in different sizes, colors, and finishes. Most units are available in black and white colors, although there are also some models that are available in stainless steel. They are also available in different configurations, such as: one-stage, three-stage, four-stage, and a seven-stage.