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This double deck trailer will optimize your transportation

Are you looking for a partner for the transportation of your goods? Are you interested in a way of making the transportation of your goods more efficient and cost-effective? Blankers Transport is a transportation company, which has come up with ways of making your transport less expensive and better for the environment. They accomplish this with an innovative double deck trailer. Are you interested in this revolutionary system? Read on to discover how it works.

Maximize cargo space with a double deck trailer

With a large fleet of over 40 trucks, Blankers Transport has come up with ways to optimize transportation. Their innovative double deck trailer is perfect for transporting voluminous goods, such as matrasses or foam products. You might ask: “How does it work?”. The goods get stacked with a hydraulic lift mechanism. The first loaded deck is lifted, to make room for the forklift operator to add another load on the second deck below. When everything is loaded into the double deck trailer, the decks get lowered into their final position, slightly compressing the goods. This way, the goods take up less space, enabling the forklift operators to fit more into one single truck. This could mean you can reduce the number of trucks required from two or three to one. This is great for reducing transportation costs and it helps the environment.

Inquire about the possibilities

Are you interested in a double deck trailer? Make sure to get in touch with Blankers Transport, to see what is possible for you. They will make sure your goods get from point A to B in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Next to that, their fleet is equipped with a top notch security system. This way you will be sure of the safety of your cargo. Get in touch now and visit their website to find out more.