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Internet Marketing, Marketing in the digital age

The classic marketing today is not comparable to the modern internet marketing. Internet marketing is sometimes called online marketing as the marketing method that used to be the best possible profiled online (on the Internet) and remain so your audience will use and continue to make your products or services. Internet Marketing evaluates still by the ever-changing array of tools and platforms on the Internet. In addition, the shift from PCs, to laptops, to tablets and smartphones clear impact on internet marketing.

Components of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing consists of many different parts. The “classic” e-mail marketing to augmented marketing, additionally supporting branches such as article marketing and branded content. Especially exciting new terms make it difficult for outsiders. Briefly several parts:
Email marketing: Focuses directly by mail to a large group of business people. Is increasingly used as the legislation makes it increasingly difficult and in addition is not effective given that most recipients are not interested and segmentation / target group is difficult;
Content marketing: Informing the audience based on relevant, valuable content with the aim to interest the audience and tie;
Article Marketing: Actually a part of content marketing. The purpose of article marketing is good content creation and management for the benefit of content marketing;
Digital marketing: Uses digital “tools” such as video, social media and like to interact with the target group (eg YouTube.)
Augmented marketing: A new part of internet marketing. Augmented marketing uses “virtual reality” and 3D techniques to visualize products, services or organizations. With the feeling that the “live” place;
Branded content: This defines a given brand (brand) put down as much as possible recognizable. For example, in films from the Netherlands, you often see people drinking beer and Heineken have in the fridge. The aim is that consumers associate with it.


In the still rapidly changing online world internet marketing is very dynamic. New definitions, models, techniques and components are just as quickly as they disappear, sometimes inventing the wheel for the 2nd or 3rd time. What is striking, since humanity thanks to the Internet has become more accessible and more vocal, the role of content marketing in internet marketing has always played an important role and that this role has become increasingly important. All are sometimes additional terms added.