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Article marketing and search engine optimization

Article marketing is within internet marketing basically the most used for search engine optimization (SEO) and then for off-page section. It used to off-page SEO nothing like so many links to places as possible on various websites in the world that made it possible to make a referral through these links to your website based on key search terms, this process was known as link building search term link is, moreover, also called anchor text. Article marketing is created when Google decided that link building was seen as spamming. This fall many sites completely gone, another website from the rank individuals were suddenly manual penalties and had to fight to get back. Google found only items well suited to the site and had a referral from the article on external websites with a referral from a link to the website.

Article marketing and off-page SEO

As mentioned, article marketing well suited to provide assistance in getting to the top of websites. Having a website on-page is ready, the time has come to provide the website with various articles to be published on different external website. Both the website and the items must have a clear relationship with the website. In other words, the total should be relevant to the topic and content of the website. What next relevance to the subject and the content is also very important is that all items are unique. When the content is largely the same, Google will negatively assess the site due to “duplicate content”. An important detail additionally is the importance of placing the items in the correct, appropriate category within the external websites. clearly, relevant and unique content is a necessity in article marketing

Article marketing off-page preview

For the above in relation to article marketing to make clear is a practical example. Suppose you have a website that deals with kitchens, you must write articles that is clearly related to kitchens. One can what about cooking, home or, very simply, writing about kitchens. However, if the article is about airplanes, Google will not judge this as irrelevant. The same applies to the category in which such an article to be published. An article on kitchen is placed in a category of food, cooking, decorating or doing something like that does, but not in the category of traffic for example. When these simple examples are followed, article marketing will certainly contribute to a high position at Google.