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WoW Classic – How To Defeat The Bosses In Ahn’Qiraj 20

Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj, or AQ20 for short, is a WoW Classic 20-player raid with six encounters. There are three main bosses and three optional ones. These are the all strategies starting with the three main bosses.

Kurinaxx is the first fight and it’s very easy. Players need to watch out for the sand traps. They spawn under players. The sand trap is actually larger than its animation so make sure to be far from its edges. If you get caught, you get silenced and take damage. Tanks need to swap because of the healing debuff.

General Rajaxx is a seven-waves fight that culminates with the encounter against Rajaxx. In each phase, you will face some adds and a mini-boss. The priority is needlers, warriors, and the mini-boss is left for last. Rajaxx will knock back players doing damage and resetting aggro. Give tanks a few seconds to get aggro before resuming damage on the boss. Throughout the encounter, keep the NPC Andorov alive as he does awesome raid-wide healing.

Ossirian the Unscarred must be kited near the crystals that spawn around the boss area. Activate the crystal to remove the boss’ damage buff and to make him more vulnerable to magic damage. It’s important to not out-aggro the tanks in this fight.

The next bosses are optional but they drop nice loot so most groups take them down as well.

Buru the Gorger must be kited near the eggs. When the boss is very close to the egg, kill the egg to remove a part of Buru’s carapace. Each egg spawns an add that should be killed immediately. After the boss loses the carapace, it can be taken down quite fast.

Moam is a two-phase encounter. However, with decent DPS you should take it down before phase two starts. The trick is to have mana draining classes absorb mana from the boss. If the fight lasts for more than 90 seconds, the boss will become invulnerable to damage and call three adds. He will take damage again after the adds are dead or 90 seconds pass.

Ayamiss the Hunter is another two-phase encounter. In the first phase, the boss is in the air, so only ranged DPS can target it. The melee’s job is to kill the adds that spawn near the altar. All players can DPS the boss after 70% HP when it lands. Melee should keep killing adds until the boss is dead.

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