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Purchase a sustainable dog and collar set and other durable pet accessories

If you are looking for a sustainable pet lifestyle brand that offers a beautiful collection of durable dog must-haves, then you should definitely check out Approved by Fritz’s webshop. This New York-based brand offers pet essentials that are manufactured in eco-friendly circumstances, with the use of sustainable materials. The items have amazing designs, inspired by the color combinations that dominate the streets, sights, and murals that give New York City her character. The colorful dog items, such as a dog collar and leash set, are a valuable addition to the collection of every modern-day dog owner.

Leashes and collars that are both colorful and comfortable

When going for a walk with your dog – whether it is a small stroll around the block or a run along the beach – you need a strong and comfortable leash and collar set for your four-legged friend to wear. Luckily, Approved by Fritz offers amazing dog essentials that are not only practical and can be easily adjusted, but are extremely stylish and eco-friendly, too. A dog collar and leash set is available in various color combinations, inspired by the city of New York. Choose from beautiful colors, such as yellow and pink, grey and purple, and pink and red. The leashes and colors are made from sustainable materials and are waterproof, which makes the items very easy to clean. All you need for a cleanse is a touch of dishwater soap, some lukewarm water, and a clean towel. Et voila!

Get in touch to learn more about the collection

If you are interested in purchasing a colorful dog and collar set, you can buy matching accessories, too! For instance, you can pick a matching poop dog carrier, bandana, and upcycled dog toy. Everything you need to keep your dog healthy, happy, and hygienic! In case you have any questions about the collection that Approved by Fritz offers, you can get in touch with the faces behind the brand. They will be happy to help you.