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Never have cold hands again with heated gloves

If you often suffer from cold hands or don’t want to experience cold hands during your winter activities, heated gloves are the solution for you. With BERTSCHAT’s heated gloves and under gloves, your hands can stay comfortably warm throughout the winter. All BERTSCHAT gloves feature touchscreen-compatible fabric, allowing you to answer calls or look up information on your phone without taking off the gloves. Say goodbye to cold hands when you need to answer a call for example.


Flexible and Thin

The thinnest heated gloves are the undergloves that can be worn under your regular gloves. You can wear these gloves under motorcycle gloves or even work gloves. This way, you can continue enjoying your activities without suffering from cold hands. The heated gloves operate on rechargeable batteries, which can be charged via a USB charger or a power bank. The batteries are located in a storage pocket at the bottom of the gloves, ensuring they don’t cause any discomfort while wearing them. The batteries are lightweight, ensuring they don’t affect the flexibility of the gloves. The heated gloves are made of stretchable material, providing a comfortable fit.


Perfect for Winter Sports

The heated gloves are similar to regular (winter sports) gloves but with the added feature of heating elements. These gloves are fantastic for winter sports activities such as skiing or snowboarding. Due to their excellent insulation, minimal heat escapes from the gloves, ensuring your hands not only get warm but also stay warm. Just like the under gloves, the regular gloves are powered by a USB-rechargeable battery. With the USB charger, you can recharge the batteries not only through a power outlet but also using a power bank or the USB port in your car. To enjoy continuously heated hands, you can order an extra set of batteries. When one pair runs out, you can switch to the other pair while recharging the first pair.


Maintenance and Storage

The heated gloves are not washable. If they get dirty, you can clean them with a damp cloth. After cleaning, allow the gloves to dry naturally. The gloves are waterproof, as the batteries are housed in a sealed compartment, so they can handle rain without any issues. The outer surface of the gloves may get wet, but it is not recommended to let the inside of the regular gloves become wet.


Suitable for Various Activities

In conclusion, heated gloves are highly convenient for a range of outdoor activities. They are even useful indoors, such as in an office, if you frequently experience cold hands. While the gloves cannot be washed, they can be wiped clean with a cloth. All heated gloves are unisex, suitable for both men and women, and equipped with touchscreen-compatible fabric. Overall, they are the perfect gloves for winter, and you can order them at BERTSCHAT®.