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Nanoparticle research

When you incorporate nanoparticles into a product, it does not always have the desired effect. Nanoparticles provide a better substance or a better effect of a product, but only if they have the right size. A nanoparticle is very small and can vary in size from 1 to 100 nanometres. Special instruments and techniques are needed to measure the size of these particles. Solids Solutions in Delft has them at its disposal. In our laboratory we do not only research & test nanoparticles, but we also investigate the properties of other particles. In short, Solids Solutions is engaged in particle and powder technology in the broadest sense of the word.

BET surface analysis

By means of a BET surface analysis, a lot of information can be obtained about the properties of particles. In a BET surface analysis of nanoparticles, gas is used to determine the BET surface. Nitrogen is usually used, but also argon or carbon dioxide, depending on the substance being analysed. Gas adsorption not only provides information on the specific surface area, but also on the pore volume and pore size distribution of a substance. Therefore, different techniques and instruments are available to obtain the desired information.

Solids Solutions academy and knowledge centre

The particle research of Solids Solutions has different purposes. As a product developer, you can come to us for advice when you get stuck in the production process. We then investigate where the problem lies and how it can be solved. But also if you would like to learn more about powders and particles, you can count on Solids Solutions. Seminars and presentations are regularly given on various topics in this area. In our knowledge centre you can also view various documents and publications about our research.