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Creative Business Project together

In this elective trajectory we offer you a very broad education. After all, all domains that an entrepreneur needs are covered: accountancy, marketing, logistics, quality assurance, innovation, languages, human resources management, people management, international business… Where the other specializations/choice routes, after the basic education in the first year of business management, then work more in-depth (a strong specialization in the chosen direction), Business Management & Entrepreneurship profiles itself in a broad sense (the various facets of running a company are discussed).

In the first and second videos, contacts with the professional field are on the program in the form of virtual company visits on YouTube with real working examples, guest speakers / entrepreneurs, assignments where entrepreneurs have to be contacted, … In the third phase you go during 9 weeks in a company, possibly on two different shifts; that way you get a broad view of real business.

In the third program phase, you start a Creative Business Project together with five students. After a creative phase, a product or service is chosen to be commercialized. Everything that is necessary when starting up a business is discussed: writing a marketing and financial plan, setting up a sales strategy, keeping accounts, good logistical follow-up of stocks, cash management, … This is an exciting story where you put the acquired knowledge into practice, sustainable entrepreneurship is encouraged and a lot of self-knowledge is acquired.


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Sell Car Online

Do you want to sell cars online? Then you’ve come to the right place. For over 19 years we have been a recognized expert in buying cars online. We had already bought thousands of cars over the internet.

Our service is free, fast and appreciated by all customers for its simplicity and reliability. We do not charge any extra costs and if you wish, you can get on the bus within a day.

Selling cars online always starts with estimates. This is completely free and there is no obligation. Please provide us with the brand, type and version, year of manufacture and any detailed information. With this information, our appraisers can determine the value of your car very accurately within a few hours.

All we have to do is reach a consensus on everything, and of course we have to pay you. We will contact you immediately after approval. You tell us when and where you want to use our trailer and we’ll make sure we’re there. We arrange everything for you: you receive a formal sales agreement, compensation and bank transfer.