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Clutch Kits

Advanced Clutch is a car parts manufacturing company that makes clutch kits for different types of automobiles. It was establishedin 1984 and has been manufacturing high-quality driveline components since then. This has made it a reputable manufacturer in several segments of the performance aftermarket.

Advanced Clutch makes both single-disc and multi-disc clutch kits. The kits are made from new parts and not recycled parts. Single clutch kits are made with up to 28 different disc and plate combinations, making them ideal for high performance and street use. When using these clutch kits, you increase the torque holding capacity of up to 400%. On the other hand, the flywheel used in twin-disc kits are CNC machined and balanced to ensure quality performance. Besides, the company uses the proprietary Adjustable Positive Lift Floater System that ensures that there are no rattling, wearing out or noise.

The Advanced Clutch clutch system can work with any good aftermarket flywheels. However, they must meet the same specifications such as the ring gear tooth count, the thickness of the flywheel and proper step.


Advanced Clutch flywheels

ACT flywheels are created from one-piece chrome moly forging. This makes their flywheels more durable than cast iron and billet steel. They have induction-hardened ring gear to increase its durability. Besides, the company distributes the mass and material properly to enhance the flywheel’s strength, reduces inertia, and enhances heat dissipation. The company uses CAD designs and CNC machining and later balances the flywheels using a computer system for precision and quality. They are also tempered and heat-treated. These qualities ensure improved acceleration and throttle response and smooth operation at any RPMs. It is possible to resurface them with a flywheel grinder.


Race clutch discs and street clutch discs

The company makes two types of discs: race clutch discs and street clutch discs. The ACT race clutch discs are made of premium ceramic friction materials to ensure low wear rate, increase heat tolerance and enhance the coefficient of friction. Each of the drive plates is made of spring steel made of high carbon content. It is then heat-treated and plated with zinc to prevent corrosion, fatigue, cracking and bending. It also has a quieter operation, thanks to the heavy-duty torsional damper springs. On the other hand, street clutch discs are made of organic material to enhance heat tolerance and durability. They also have higher burst strength due to the steel-backed linings.